Do you have all five in your armoury to create and deliver effective events? If not, that’s what we’re here for. Based in Barrhead, Scotland we run large-scale events

Our Commission



5-10% of the total price for the job (excluding vat)


If someone signs up within the first three months, you get 1-years’ worth of commission.


Your payment via BACS is sent within 30 days of the client signing up



To become an affiliate for Sonus, contact us and we will get you registered on our site and you will receive your unique URL. You can share this URL with your colleagues, clients, friends or family. If they land on our website and request a quote (and become a client), you will earn a commission on every project they do with us thereafter.

We will also give you a direct affiliate code like “NAME10%”. This lets us know where people have come from so we can guarantee your commission.

…And if you’d like some bonus points!

If you get someone to sign up within the first three months of joining our affiliate programme, you will get an entire year’s commission!

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How Much

Could You Earn?

The key to high earnings is finding clients that will need us for multiple events each year. That way you get commission every time we put on an event for them (up to 1 year) even if you’ve only been involved in the original sale!

With that in mind, let’s say your commission is 10% and the initial project costs £1,000 – you get £100. Then suppose that client runs ten more similar events that year, each at £1,000. That means you get £100 each time for doing nothing!

So, if you bring on ten new clients and each of those clients gives us ten separate jobs, you earn £10,000 in commission!

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