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There were quite a few challenges. Firstly, as we said, no one had used this large sports hall for an event like this. That meant we had to work from scratch. We started with a full site survey, evaluating power distribution, rigging points, capacity for guests, and a full safety and risk assessment – and that’s before we even got started on planning the event. The other issue was the client wasn’t 100% sure what they wanted. They knew they wanted a spectacular event with an amazing atmosphere, but apart from that, we had full creative freedom.


We offered a turnkey solution: carrying out the site survey, creating the 3D visuals, lighting walkthrough, pre-programmed lights, organising and coordinating the video creation, project managing the entire event, and even organisation of staff – this was because the venue didn’t have any on-site staff, so we worked out staff rotation and handovers for the event which lasted over 3 days.

There’s no greater compliment than when attendees say: “we’ve never seen anything like it.” We count that as a job well-done. In fact, tickets are already selling for 2024 and by the looks of it, the event will be sold out – and Sonus Events have been contracted to do it again next year. Also, because of our team’s efficiency, we were able to clear out the venue faster than originally thought (a whole 1.5 hours earlier!) so our client got a refund from the venue. Now that’s a win if ever we saw one.

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