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We offer a wide range of supporting services for our clients, these sit within three core offerings

  1. Event Production Services
  2. Venue Partnerships
  3. White Label services for Event Agencies and Event professionals.

With these three offerings, we have additional services:

  • Event Lighting
  • LED uplighting
  • Audiovisual equipment
  • Av hire
  • Stage hire
  • Set Design
  • Sound Systems
  • Backdrop hire
  • Video Production

We also work with a lot of event agencies who will supply us with a brief and we design our services around this and deliver on that brief way beyond our client’s expectation.

We offer a complete turnkey solution. We believe we have the right balance of creativity, technology and customer service. We don’t push our vision and  ideas on clients. We work collaboratively and evolve the requirements as the event planning process progresses. We make essential changes to ensure the event meets our client’s expectations.

Sonus Event provides technical event services in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Manchester and London and Europe, these range from:

  • Corporate events
  • Awards Show
  • Live Event
  • Gala Dinner
  • Brand Activation
  • Private Parties
  • Sporting Events
  • Fashion show
  • Product Launch

Planning something different? If your event is not on the list please give us a call and see how we can help you.

Yes, we cater for smaller events such as private parties all the way up to large conferences with thousands of delegates. The customer service and level of detail remain the same whether you’re planning small or large events. The system and processes, the equipment and professional team remain the same. The end result remains the same…an unforgettable event planned to perfection…we are here to assist you.

We require a payment of 25% at the time of booking them 75% 2 weeks before the event is due. If you prefer to open a credit account after completing the relevant paperwork and undergoing the relevant checks, this is something our team would be happy to assist you with. For account customers, we offer 30 days terms from the date of the invoice, which is normally generated the day after your event. If your event is on a weekend, the invoice would be generated on the next business day.

This is a very hard question to answer as it depends on the complexity of the job. Our usual set up time is around 4-6 hours, for medium-sized events. For small jobs, it can take one hour and for simple deliveries of audiovisual equipment, this could take 15minutes to set up. A member of our team will discuss this with you during our discovery call. A lot of clients have very limited time for setting up due to the venues short turnaround times, we are used to these situations and have a team that works extremely efficiently. If you have a short set up time, but still want a BIG production, we will make it happen.

Just give us a call and provide us with your brief, budget and expectations for your event. We will discuss your requirements in-depth either on the phone or via Zoom. If you prefer we can arrange a face-to-face meeting to discuss you’re requirements. Once we have a good understanding of your needs, we will arrange a site visit and walk through the event and venue with your team. After this visit, we will provide you with a complete transparent proposal of the services required together with all associated costs.

Once you are happy with your quotation, we will send you a digital contract to read and sign, once this is complete you will receive an automatic email requesting the proposition of your event deposit (25%). Once this is settled we will begin, delivering an unbelievable service for you.

Each event is unique, each client has their own specific requirements therefore it is difficult to provide a ballpark figure. However please give us a call to discuss your requirements and we will provide you with a detailed quotation. 

Please do not be offended if we ask what your budget is for your event. From experience, it is more efficient to understand your budget from the offset, this allows us to select services, equipment and operations more effectively to get the best from your allocated budget and save wasted time providing you with options that are out of budget or an event that is not lucrative enough. Event production can range from a few thousands of pounds to a few hundred thousand pounds. The options are endless and limited only by the clients budget.

We wholeheartedly get the best for our clients when we know a range to work within and deliver the maximum value within that budget range.

As per our T&C’s, our cancellation policy is: 

Cancellation Two weeks before your event, the client shall be required to pay 100% of the fees payable under your contract.

Cancellation up to 4 weeks before your event, the client shall be required to pay 50% of the fees payable under your contract. 

We are completely transparent and here to help you if you have any concerns give us a call.

Sonus Events have supply networks across most of the UK and Europe, this makes us an ideal choice for companies and agencies with national and international events. We would use our network to subcontract another highly reputable AudioVisual company to supply the equipment and crew, we would oversee the event and place our production and project managers at the heart of the operation. They would deal with all logistics, operations, design right down to the final execution. Our team of highly skilled technicians would travel to whichever country required to operate the job. This again ideal for companies that have built up a relationship with our team and feel safe knowing they are taking care of their event.

An event manager would work with you to plan your event from the outset, selecting the venue, dealing with contracts, budgets, liaising contractors, suppliers, catering, transport, accommodation and every other aspect of the event. An event production company produces the look and feel of the event from a technical and logistical standpoint: Designing the stage configuration, selecting the correct lighting effects for the purpose, selecting the right sound system, microphones and speaker placement, while picking the right video projection or LED video wall depending on the application, we would put it all together with the visuals for the screens including animations, presentations and videos if required. The complete event will be produced ready to wow your guests.

Yes, we provide a full package of health and safety documentation not just risk assessments. Our risk assessments are tailored to the specific event we are working on. We carry £10 Million public liability insurance and operate within the strictest of health and safety procedures while on site.

Call us and we will send a member of our team to meet you at your chosen venue to assess what services you need to fulfil your vision.

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