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The biggest event since Strictly Come Dancing? Actually, this dance event brings more guests – so technically it’s bigger ? We’ve been DKKQ’s event supplier for the last 6 years, but this time it was a new venue: the Black Tour Ballroom (the same venue as Strictly). We carried out a full-scale production event for them – including project management, event design, special effects, lighting sequences, safety plans etc. There were a few challenges with it being a listed building, but we carefully planned around this and the clients (and venue) were delighted with the end result.


Our greatest challenge was the venue. As the Black Tour Ballroom is a listed building, we had to work within the limits of the existing rigging and the layout of the room. This meant we had to carefully plan every little detail, from where our sound desk would be right through to how we would mount the LED-screen.

Speaking of details, the logistics of setting up also proved complex. Outside the venue, there was limited space for our vans, so we could only bring one at a time – plus there were 3 very small elevators to carry the equipment inside. We had to schedule and co- ordinate the delivery and setup, bringing in extra staff to ensure we ran to time and there was no hold-up.

Managing full production is what we do best. Not only did we plan the logistics of the event (such as site setup, lighting, sound, video, safety planning), we also organised and managed all the special effects, confetti canons, custom prop-building, custom podiums, LED staircases – the list is endless.


Thanks to the pre-visualisation, the event ran like clockwork – and perfectly to time.

Also, because we managed the full production, we could be extremely efficient. Every aspect of the event had been thought through and planned, so on the night, we were able to set up quickly and manage the full team (including lights, sound, and equipment). When one agency manages everything, the process is slicker, more efficient and there’s less room for error – that’s why we like to do the full production.

Our client was delighted and so was the venue. It was the first time the venue had allowed a fully-external agency to manage an event. But, in the post-event meeting, they said they were impressed with how everything went and we’re getting to do the event again next year. Job well done!

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